Handgrip for M8, M8.2, M9-P Silver Chrome Finish

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The Handgrip is attached to the digital M models instead of the normal base plate and ensures ergonomic photography with high-speed heavy lenses such as the APO-SUMMICRON-M f/2/90 mm ASPH.

Handgrip for M8, M8.2, M9-P Silver Chrome Finish

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The Handgrip M is especially helpful when using the high-speed lenses of the digital Leica M system. It's easier on the photographer's hands and makes it easier to hold the camera still even during long reportage sessions. The Handgrip M is available in black or silver to match the digital Leica models or matching the M8.2 covered with "vulcanite" leather. The black version has the same lacquer finish as the black LEICA M8.2

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