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Your new best friend for matching prints to display with color perfection. Ideal for wedding, portrait and event photographers – or any passionate advocate – this completely integrated color control solution delivers the latest technology to calibrate your displays, projectors and printers for accurate color matching. It’s also loaded with new color creation and communication tools that allow you to send your images with DigitalPouch™ and create unlimited color palettes! So whether you work on a PC or Mac, ColorMunki Photo is the innovative new way to bring your photos from screen to print accurately, simply and affordably.

ColorMunki Photo + Free GrafiLite

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Product Details
All-in-One spectrophotometer really means no separate devices required to profile your monitors and printers. A white calibration tile is integrated, so there’s nothing to lose or match up to your device. Also includes a protective bag which doubles as an integrated monitor holder and it all fits in the palm of your hand. This truly is your do everything, go everywhere solution!

ColorMunki lets you swing perfectly from screen to print with quick, easy, and accurate display-to-print match with the new powerful, self-guided software interface.

With both easy and advanced modes for LCD and Laptop displays, you’ll master the color jungle in a snap. Easy mode has predetermined selections, so you don’t need to be a color expert. For those looking for more control over whitepoint, contrast, brightness or ambient measurements, choose the advanced mode. And, DDC auto detect control will quickly determine if your monitor is compliant and if so, perform all advanced calibrations automatically, delivering a high quality profile.

ColorMunki can calibrate multiple displays with ease and provides before and after visualization, as well as calibration reminder prompts.

Complete color control and optimized printer profiling makes sure that the color you see on your display is the color that you get.

New RGB and CMYK printer profiling technology delivers a high quality printer profile. Simply scan one test chart of only 50 patches and ColorMunki calculates an interim profile having learned how your printer behaves with these colors. It then produces a second chart of 50 patches that perfects your profile once you scan it. ColorMunki is so smart it even has the ability to optimize your profile based on images for specific colors, black & white, and flesh tones for example.

And the best part, there is no need to read individual color patches, ColorMunki’s superfast scanning can rapidly measure a 50 patch test chart in less than one minute!

With AppSet™, there is no need to worry about what to do with your new printer profile. ColorMunki talks to your photo and design applications and automates the printer profile setting.

Tired of making excuses for your projected images? ColorMunki technology will give you fast and accurate projector profiles so you can show your images on the big screen to clients, family and friends with color confidence!

Share your images with confidence with DigitalPouch™, a self-executable application that checks for ViewSafe™ conditions on the receiver side. Simply drag and drop the images you want to transport into the pouch, “zip” it up and send. The receiver doesn’t need to own ColorMunki software. They’ll be able to view the images with your embedded profiles in a replicated viewing screen. DigitalPouch checks recipients monitor for an up-to-date profile and displays warning message when necessary. DigitalPouch is your new indispensable color communication tool!

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