Dust Cloth

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DUST-CLOTH sensor wipes
The DUST-CLOTH’s are designed to be used with the DUST-WAND and ULTRA CLEAN in the removal of light oils and the dislodging of welded-on dust. These non woven wipes are manufactured and packaged within a clean room environment.

Dust Cloth

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1: Place wand on middle horizontal line while
being on left side of the vertical line.

2. Fold the top of cloth on the horizontal line.
Grab the top left cloth corner and fold in at
an angle away from the wand tip.

3. Grab the top right cloth corner and fold over
at an angle to wand tip. Make sure the cloth has
sharp folds that are perpendicular to wand tip.

4. Pull the fold over and cinch up the cloth slack.

5: Twist the cloth tight around the wand, making
sure that the folds at the wand tip stay sharp.

6. Place the Cloth Clip on the fold to secure it.

7. When using the wrapped swab, make sure
not to touch the inner sidewalls of the mirror
chamber or you may knock dust free from it.