Elinchrom Ranger RX Ringflash 1500

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The ultimate combination for “In” and “Out” door photography!

Ranger RF 1500, complete with 4-pole flashtube,
freezes movement with a 1/2600 s (t0.5) @
full power.

Elinchrom Ranger RX Ringflash 1500

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Two metre flash cable enables photographers
to use it freehand (with the battery
pack shouldered or in a backpack).

The internal Ringflash diameter of 100 mm accepts a wide
range of camera lenses.

Lightweight - only 1.9 kg. Use it freehand, with it’s integrated ergonomic handgrip.
Action freezing - the 4 -pole speed flashtube freezes action with a 1/2600 s flash duration.
The multi camera fitting combined with the 100mm internal diameter accepts a wide range of cameras and lenses.
To modify the light characteristic into a semi diffuse light source, replace the protection glass filter with the matt glass diffuser code 402.013.