Markins Q-Ball Q3 Traveler with lever release

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Markins Q3 "Traveler" with lever release High performance professional ball head with the Markins tradition of superior craftsmanship.

Markins Q-Ball Q3 Traveler with lever release

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Ball Head Q-Ball Q3 Traveler with lever release
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Markins Q3 "Traveler" with lever release

High performance professional ball head with the Markins tradition of superior craftsmanship. This more compact Q3 Traveler was designed for use on Gitzo Traveler tripods (legs collapsing to the top) and users who want a more slim profile package

Smaller and lighter than the Markins Q20, the Markins Q10 and even the Q3 Emille


* A pan base almost the size of the ball head housing (1.94inch/55mm)
* The clamp knob is directly attached to the clamp (Only (1.31inch/37mm)
* Retains amazing characteristics of the Q3, like ....
* The highest load-to-weight efficiency ratio in its class
* The unique markins "sweet spot"

The Q3 Traveler comes with the new Markins QL-48 quick release shoe (clamp) attached. This high quality lever release combines the best of both worlds, efficiency of lever release and compatibility of screw release. It is lightening quick and easy to fully open and close the quickshoe, while it has the flexibility to be adjusted for plates that are slightly larger than Markins standard.

Easy Opening and Closing: The quickshoe opens/closes fully in one quick lever action even with hand with glove on.

Adjustable Clamping Distance: The clamping distance is adjustable by turning the adjustment screw for larger plates than Markins standard.

Note: We recommend the lever style release only if plates from the same brand are used.

Though this lever release quickshoe is adaptable to accommodate different brands of plates, it won't be practical to do so in the field with mixed brands of plates. We strongly recommend to use a single brand of plates with this lever release quickshoe. With mixed brands of plates, the traditional screw style quickshoe will be more flexible.

Convertible Lever Arm Position: The lever arm is convertible either left or right hand position for one's own convenience.

Compact Design: The lever arm stays compact either opened or closed position.

Position Marks: Laser engraved position marks.

If you plan on using another quick release on the ball head, you should decide which head you need (the M10 or the M10-NQS) prior to placing your order. The ball head comes with no camera or lens plates - they have to be ordered separately. Please note that the quick release is non-removable (loctited)!

Fingertip control for "Sweet Spot" setting
You adjust the integral friction limit dial with a fingertip according to the weight of your gear. Now, the Progressive Friction Control (PFC) knob, using a unique triple bi-axial mechanism locks your heaviest equipment at a quarter of a turn if you feel you need to. This triple action sliding cam construction securely clamps the ball while still letting you easily slide your camera in any position. The limit dial prevents the friction control from turning loose beyond the safe point set, avoiding flops and drops

Few, robust controls make the system easy to work with and operation in gloves is not an issue, something important for the outdoor photographer. With the smooth panning base you track moving objects with ease and the pan index at the base helps panorama stitching.

Tough beauty
The hard anodized M10 and M20 ball heads are extremely resistant to scratching and have a beautiful, silky finishing. The heads come in one color: Black.

The compact ball heads M10 and M20 are self-cleaning, self-lubricating made out of ultra durable 7075-T6 Duraluminum and are virtually maintenance free.

Compatible connection plate system
The Markins quick shoe connection plate system is compatible with Arca Swiss, Foba, RRS and Kirk. Plates for most camera manufacturers and tele-lenses such as Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Hasselblad and Mamiya and generic plates for other systems are available. Most plates for cameras and lenses are custom fit so they have to be ordered separately.

Q3 Traveler specifications:
Weight 371 gr / 13.25 oz
Load Capacity 30 Kg / 65 lbs
Load to Weight Ratio 77.9:1
Height 91 mm / 3.58 in
Housing diameter 48mm / 1.89 in
Base diameter 50mm / 1.97 in
Ball diameter 38mm / 1.5 in
Quick Release Shoe QR-48t (48mm / 1.5 in) but only 1.31inch/37mm wide because of short clamp
Friction control Bi-Axial, Progressive
Tripod Mounting 3/8” UNC
Colors Black