TS-APO-ELMAR-S 120 mm f/5.6 ASPH.

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TS-APO-ELMAR-S 120 mm f/5.6 ASPH.

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Perspective control

The Leica TS-APO-Elmar-S 120 mm f/5.6 ASPH. allows control of perspectives and the location of the plane of focus. Perspectives remain unchanged when altering the viewing angle. This allows the correction of converging verticals in architectural photos, for example. Tilting the lens permits precise placement of the plane of focus so that a flat object viewed from the side is completely sharp at maximum aperture. Conversely, tilting the plane of focus in the opposite direction to the elongation of the subject may be used to significantly reduce depth of focus.

Constructional details

Due to its special construction as a tilt/shift lens and its external form, the Leica TS-APO-Elmar-S 120 mm f/5.6 ASPH. differs slightly from the other lenses of the S-System. The lens has four rings for controlling tilt and shift. One turn/push ring each for setting the tilt and shift direction and one each for setting the degree of tilt or shift. A tripod plate fixes the selected settings.


Order no. 11079
Image angle
(diagonal, horizontal, vertical)
23.6° / 20.0° / 13.6°, corresponds to approx. 96 mm focal length in 35 mm format
Optical design
Number of lenses/groups 6 / 4
Position of entrance pupil
(from apex of 1st lens element)
65.6 mm
focusing range 0.95 m to ∞
Distance setting
Scales Combined meter/feet graduation
Smallest object field 159 mm × 239 mm
Largest reproduction ratio 1 : 5.3
Setting/function Electronically controlled diaphragm, set using setting / selection dial on camera,
including half values
Lowest value 32
Bayonet Leica S bayonet
Filter mount Internal thread for E95 filter, filter mount does not rotate
Dimensions and weight
Length to bayonet mount approx. 144 mm
Largest diameter approx. 108
Weight approx. 1110 g
EAN non applicable