Ultra Clean

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One evaporated drop of ULTRA CLEAN will tell the whole story, not only is ULTRA CLEAN the fastest evaporating liquid available, it also has the least amount of residue left behind after evaporation.

Ultra Clean

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Why is low residue important? This helps to eliminate swab streaking and reduces residue film build up over time. The low residue amount also helps to stop the formation of residue puddles after the swab is removed from the sensor filter.

Analyzing residue droplet patterns of sensor filter cleaning liquids allows one to see the concentrated amount of residue contained within the liquids. One would look for a liquid that contains the least amount of residue, which translates to reduced film build up over time and the possibility of residue streaking when used.

Why is speed important? With all the new internal dust removal system sensor housings there are some pretty big gaps where liquid can seep down in between the sensor filter frame and the internal components. By having a very fast evaporating liquid you almost eliminate this contamination concern.

Can it clean? ULTRA CLEAN works great at dislodging welded on dust and removing light oils. Take a moment to watch the "Removing Oils with ULTRA CLEAN" video to see how well it works.