Visible Dust UltraMXD-Vswab 1.0x green

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Vswab from VisibleDust is a new innovative unique (patent pending) design of Sensor cleaning swabs.

Visible Dust UltraMXD-Vswab 1.0x green

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*12 swabs per pack- it fits full sensor size such as Nikon D3, 1dsMK III and 5D.

Compatible with:
* VDust Plus
* Sensor Clean
* Smear Away

The advantages of the (patent pending) Vswab over the former or square format swab comes from its unique letter "V" shape. This shape has several advantages over the square format swabs currently in the market. For example, the narrower edge of the V shaped swab minimizes the contact between the swab and the chamber wall. This ultimately eliminates the lint produced inside the camera eventually from falling on the sensor.

Another advantage of the Vswab is a better maneuverability and easy swabbing while inside the chamber. Due to its triangular form The Vswab (patent pending) applies equal pressure to the edge of the swab pad. This brings a more homogeneous swabbing motion and less streaking along the edges.
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